Holcomb, Mississippi




The area is easily accessible from I-55. Go west on Miss. 7 and 8 from the Grenada exit to Holcomb. In Holcomb the two highways intersect with Miss. 35. To reach Crossriver Farm, go right on Miss. 8 toward Oxberry for about five miles, crossing the Yalobusha River. For Bellevue, go left on Miss. 35 about a mile, then left on Sweethome Road.


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Crossriver Farm

Bellevue Farm


Talk to our land/hunting manager

Gordon Minyard is a seasoned, knowledgeable hunter and land steward.

He knows both our farms and the surrounding country and can readily recommend the best local resources for hunters, whether it's for dressing your game or finding good local food and gear.

He also is available to guide some hunting parties.

Call him after 4:30 p.m. Central time at 662-230-2308 to discuss details or arrange to view these properties:

Gordon Minyard with boy and buck

Photo courtesy of Gordon Minyard

Gordon Minyard lets a young "client" in on a trophy picture.
  • Crossriver Farm, 600 acres
  • Bellevue Farm, 200 acres

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